hoist hire

South Western Scaffolding also offers a hoist hire service. We have a 300kg Alimak Hek man and material hoist. It is an ideal way of moving materials and tools quickly, efficiently, and safety within the site compound.

We deliver, supply and fit hoist the hoist to the Southern region of the UK to all trades: roofers, builders, developers and even other scaffolding companies.

Quotes can be provided by return, and a full colour brochure with specifications and data can be provided.

Technical Data:
Min/max platform length 1.6 m
Min/max platform width 1.4 m
Max payload capacity 300 kg
Max number of people* (TP mode) 3
Max number of people (MH mode) Not applicable (0)
Speed (TP mode) 10 m/min
Speed (MH mode) 10 m/min
First anchor position 6 m
Max lifting height tied 100/50 m
Tie distance 7.5 m
Free topmast 4.5 m
Type of mast Triangular 350, tubular steel

* Max number of people depending on local regulations.